New interview published on The Glassblock

Barbara Weissberger cradles a laptop opened to a skype video call with Eleanor Aldrich smiling
Photo by David Bernabo.

Barbara Weissberger and I were recently interviewed by David Bernabo for Glassblock, a web magazine based in Pittsburgh, PA.

We talked about our ongoing long-distance material collaboration, beginning at the Drawing Center, and our latest installation Dirty Work, opening at the University Gallery at Pitt next week.

Check out the interview for more information and images of our work. We also recently launched a new website to document our collaborative installations at

Dirty Work

February 9 – March 23 2017

Opens February 9 at the University Art Gallery,
104 Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh

Dirty Work is the third collaborative installation by artists Eleanor Aldrich and Barbara Weissberger. In it they continue to explore the tension between illusion and the actual; the dynamic relationship between material and image; and art production as work.

‘PhAb Now’ through Sept. 4 at Pittsburgh Filmmakers

My recent collaboration with Barbara Weissberger is in the PhAb Now! show at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Galleries in Oakland, PA, through Sept. 4.

From Kurt Shaw’s TribLive review:

The collaborative efforts of Eleanor Aldrich and Barbara Weissberger offer an analog element among so many digital or digitally inspired creations.

“Pink Planter and Rubber Chair” comes out of their collaboration that is based on a shared preoccupation with the tensions between the actual and illusion, flatness and space.

A work that spans two and three dimensions, it explores when a mark or material describes itself — or remains itself, if it is a found object. “The mark, image or material becomes onomatopoetic, or mimetic, collapsing the space between the signified and the signifier,” Aldrich says.

To put it in simple terms, their work plays with the format of the two-dimensional image as it relates to, or, better yet, as an extension of, objects in space.