New York

Name It by Trying to Name It at the Drawing Center

I am honored to be included in the Drawing Center’s Main Gallery show, Name It by Trying to Name It: Open Sessions 2014-15, which runs through August 30th. My contribution is in the front of the gallery; a collaboration with Barbara Weissberger.
Drawing center install
Here is a picture from the install
More information about performances, ect. may be found at the Drawing Center website.
lawn chair floor work
A detail of one of my floor works in the installation.

Open Sessions: March 2014

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been selected to participate in Open Sessions, at the Drawing Center in New York, NY.

From the Drawing Center press release:

A two-year program open to artists working in a variety of disciplines, Open Sessions will offer exhibition opportunities in The Drawing Center’s Lab Space and other venues, as well as studio visits, public programs, and informal gatherings. These programs will be cooperatively organized by Open Sessions Curators Nova Benway and Lisa Sigal, and groups of the participating artists, with support from Open Sessions Fellows Kamrooz Aram, Nathan Carter, Emilie Clark, and E.V. Day.

My work will be featured in an upcoming exhibition in the Drawing Center Lab Space along with Derek Dunlop, Heather Hart, Yara Pina, Andrew Ross, Lauren Seiden, and Barbara Weissberger. A closing reception will be held Sunday, March 23, from 4-6pm.

You can read more about the Drawing Program’s mission and history here.

A full list of Open Sessions artists can be found at this link.