Eight Artists of the Vacuum Shop Studios

Our studio collective in North Knoxville was featured in one of the final issues of our local independent weekly paper, Knoxville Mercury. Denise Stewart-Sanabria reviewed the work of each artist in a profile of our upcoming show at the Emporium Center on Gay street.

Eight Artists of the Vacuum Shop Studios
is on display at the Emporium Center (100 S. Gay St.) July 7-28. An opening reception will be held on Friday, July 7, from 5 to 9 p.m.

Work Friends II

I’m curating a show at Fluorescent Gallery in Knoxville, opening Friday March 31 at 6:00 p.m.

Poster - Work Friends 2

Work Friends II is the second iteration of a show put together in an empty storefront on Broadway in 2013 called “Work Friends“. The original show featured the paintings, sculptures, and photos of ten Knoxville artists along with an item chosen as a partner to their work; a “work friend”.

Each artist was asked to display something that has a relationship to their process or aesthetic. The resulting talismans, detritus, and practical tools expanded the work, and served as a link to the creative incubator that is the studio. For this show, six Knoxville artists (or those recently of Knoxville) have been asked to do the same.


Amanda Carrell
Peter Cotroneo
Kelly Hider
Jonathan Purtill
Jing Qin
Zach Searcy

GIRLS FAVORITE at Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville


Curated by Ashley Layendecker
A exciting collection of female artist who use pattern and repetition in their artwork in some form of abstraction. Fifteen artists currently working in Knoxville and Nashville Tennessee, Texas, Alabama and New York.

Amanda Martinez
Jessica Simorte
Kayla Rumpp
Megan White
Heather Casteel
Marta Lee
Natalie Harrison
Marisa Hricovsky
Anna Weible
Lynne Ghenov
Katherine Wagner
Paris Woodhull
Brianna Bass
Eleanor Aldrich
Kate Faulkner

Fluorescent Gallery
627 N Central St
Knoxville, TN, 37917

OPENING: Friday the 3rd, 6-9:30 PM
Food and drink provided!

Vacuum Shop Studios Exhibition at Pellissippi State Community College

Originally posted by vaccuumshopstudios:

The artists of the Vacuum Shop Studios will be exhibiting their work August 22 – September 9 at the Bagwell Center Gallery on the Pellissippi State Community College main campus. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

A closing reception will be held on Friday, September 9, from 4 – 7 pm.

The Vacuum Shop Studios artists are:
Eleanor Aldrich
Heather Hartman
Kelly Hider
Ashton Ludden
Erin Mullenex
Chelsie Nunn
Deb Rule
Jessie Van der Laan

BRIGHT GRAY at Fluorescent Gallery April 3

Please join us for a one-night throwback First Friday show at the Fluorescent Gallery featuring new works by Eleanor Aldrich, Heather Hartman, and David Wolff. The show, entitled Bright Gray, is a loose collection of works focusing on shared affinities for spatial illusion, physicality, and mystery.

Fluorescent Gallery
627 N. Central St.
Friday, April 3

Across the Short Divide at Broadway Gallery Space

I’m curating a show Friday, October 3 in the space next to Vacuum Shop Studio. It will be open from 6 – 10pm.


This show is a collection of videos that have a material physicality, and images that have something of the look of the digital world despite being singular and physical. Creating the look of the digitized with its internal light source, transparent surface, and aligned vectors seems ill suited to painting, but Rebecca Kaufman’s work is a low-fi approximation of all three. Their printed digital images are frozen, angled, and flooded with unreal color- a reminder of the limits (and the beauty) of the screen. There are other quirks of the host materials that lend them self to the physical, like the confusion of offset grids that create the moiré patterns reconstructed by Grant Billingsley, and the mechanical linear printing—mimicked in Jered Sprecher’s work. The flat surface of Barbara Weissberger’s photos feel like a determined last move, to force the objects, images, and objects with images on their surfaces back into the realm of illusion.

The videos are textural and visceral despite their dematerialized state. In Yara Pina’s Sem título (Untitled) 2, 2011, the charcoal that is released by her actions envelopes her in its shadow while it slowly shades the lens of the camera, creating an atmosphere similar to the grainy prints of early photography. Itziar Barrio’s BAILALO, 2009, sets up a strip-tease scenario with a gyrating torso and eye-catching colors, which becomes complicated by the words slowly revealed by successive shirts; ‘You have to know your customer’. With each reveal, the viewer renegotiates their position to the subject (“You”, ”You have”, “You have to”), and materialization of that which seems guaranteed from the beginning is thwarted by mention of the transaction as such. John Pearson’s Daylight Landscape, 2001, is a reminder that the camera is not just an eye, but an eye contained inside a mechanical body, which we hear and sense through the jolt produced when it comes in contact with palm trees. The space is collapsed not just between our eye, Pearson’s, and the camera’s, but also between our bodies and their negotiation of the LA landscape.

Itziar Barrio lives and works in New York.
Grant Billingsley lives and works in New York.
Rebecca Kaufman lives and works in Knoxville.
John Pearson lives and works in Los Angeles.
Yara Pina lives and works in Goiânia, Brazil.
Jered Sprecher lives and works in Knoxville.
Barbara Weissberger lives and works in Pittsburgh and New York.


Work Friends

I am curating a show this Friday, November 1 in the space next door to my studio.

“WORK FRIENDS” will feature the paintings, sculptures, and photos of ten Knoxville artists along with an item chosen as a partner to their work; a “work friend”. Each artist has been asked to display something that has a relationship to their process or aesthetic. The resulting talismans, detritus, and practical tools expand the work, and serve as a link to the creative incubator that is the studio.

Artists: April Bachtel, Robmat Butler, Kate Faulkner, Marcia Goldenstein, Javan Grover, Briena Harmening, Heather Hartman, Jonathan Lisenby, Andrew Merriss, Natalie Petrosky.

This show is one night only! Swing by between 7 and 10 pm.

Here is the poster I created for Work Friends:

Work Friends

(Click to view larger)

100 years of Abstraction

I am honored to be included in this show celebrating 100 years of abstraction.  Here’s to another happy hundred, Abstraction!

Abstract Poster

The Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture
1715 Volunteer Boulevard
Knoxville, TN 37996


JUNE 12 – JULY 12, 2013

Works by locally and internationally known artists,
current and former faculty,and students.

TUE – FRI: 1PM – 5PM

Knoxville News Sentinel link