‘The Denisovans’ reviewed

Joe Nolan recently reviewed my solo show at Channel to Channel in Nashville for the Atlanta-based art journal BURNAWAY:

Eleanor Aldrich’s new exhibition at Channel to Channel in Nashville is one of the boldest and most intense painting exhibitions I’ve seen this year. These are spectacularly gooey works that revel in their own painted surfaces. Aldrich’s figures are revealed in thick, frosting-like curves and striated textures that imply abstract limbs and torsos. The overall effect is less fleshy and more abstract than Lucian Freud, but the obscured faces here remind me of Francis Bacon’s sense of mute existential agony. There’s even a hooded figure here that recalls Philip Guston. But Aldrich’s work is also full of vibrant colors, light, and shiny surfaces—Aldrich mixes her oil paints with caulk. These qualities and techniques bring a plastic artificiality to these works that makes them feel thoroughly contemporary.

Read the rest of the review at burnaway.org.

The show will continue to be on view at Channel to Channel in Nashville, Tennessee, through September 22.