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Artforum Critic’s Pick!

My show Main Squeeze at Channel to Channel was chosen by Emily Weiner as a Critic’s Pick for Artforum. Emily writes: “In her canonical 1979 essay Grids, art historian Rosalind Krauss explains that, as a modernist trope, the grid inherently resists representation: “It is what art looks like when it turns its back on nature.” […]

The Nashville Scene: Amelia Briggs and Eleanor Aldrich Prove That Texture Is Cool

In her feature for the Nashville Scene, Laura Hutson Hunter writes: “There are two excellent exhibitions currently hanging in Nashville galleries that encapsulate what I like to think of as an ugly-precious aesthetic. The artists — Amelia Briggs and Eleanor Aldrich — are markedly different, and both deserve individual attention and praise. But when viewed […]

Main Squeeze Reviewed in Burnaway

From the review by Melinda Baker: “Silicone makes passable flesh, for instance, and caulking makes decent vinyl lawn chairs. But the crudeness of her renderings is both deliberate and accidental, which allows her to draw attention to the act of making, its subjectivity, and its power. In this way, her images resonate more powerfully than […]