‘A Soft Slouch, A Rigid Splint’

My work will be featured in a group show in Lincoln, Nebraska at Tugboat Gallery with Eric Cagley and Corinna Ray.

Elements of paintings fall out into space, carpets creep up the wall, and book-sized paintings become the heaviest thing in the room. Commonplace objects are removed from their homes to act in painting’s space holding their ground without bearings. Carpet relief carvings exist dislocated from time and thick, rigid paintings leave severed gabs that beg to be treated like an injury. In the work of all three artists, materials are acting exactly as themselves. It’s the perception of depth and illusion that troubles density, tactility, materiality and perspective in the work.

poster for A Soft Slouch, a Rigid Splint
Tugboat creates wonderful original poster art to advertise its shows

‘A Soft Slouch, A Rigid Splint’ will be on view until May 27, with the opening reception held May 5th at Tugboat Gallery.